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A Global Network
The combined social reach of Portuguese people home and abroad is huge. By leveraging these connections, we hope to make foreign companies and investors aware of just how much Lisbon has to offer. Friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours are all potential business contacts – and by informing them about the advantages of Lisbon and putting them in contact with our team, they can benefit from a smart investment, and new jobs are created.

Anyone can be a connector, regardless of nationality. What matters is that they have a desire to help promote Lisbon as an attractive place to do business.

Our dedicated professional team is a first contact point and one stop shop for investment, starting a company and entrepreneurial activities. They are well-established and very experienced in facilitating companies moving to Lisbon and supporting foreign direct investment.

Lisbon Business Connections works in conjunction with InvestLisboa, Lisbon’s Investment Promotion Agency. Established in 2009, InvestLisboa has been very effective in supporting over 1,300 investors and companies in Lisbon, as well as launching projects such as Startup Lisboa that have invigorated local innovation and attracted foreign investment. We hope that LBC can complement their efforts to supercharge the Lisbon economy.

Who Can Participate?
Lisbon Business Connections is for anyone in a position to refer a company that may be considering international expansion.

By putting us in touch with these contacts, you can help support Lisbon’s economy. We all know people who have moved overseas for job or business opportunities and by making use of this global network, we can generate business for people at home.

How can I get involved?

  • Tap into your Network
    Consider who in your network might be a key connection in an expanding company and talk to them about Lisbon, or put them in touch with us.
  • Shout it from the Rooftops
    Pass on the message to people in your network: your old university classmate, a childhood friend, your spouse’s sister, your football team mates – one of the people that you don’t think of straight away may be able to provide that crucial introduction to a business decision-maker.
  • Connect the decision makers
    If you are a senior executive in a company, either in Lisbon or elsewhere, encourage your employees and teams to tap into their networks too. Suppliers, partner and clients are also potential contacts – see if they are interested, and refer them to our team.
  • Partner with us
    Here’s an opportunity to do your bit for Lisbon’s economy. Get in touch, and work with us to create a better city.
  • Tell us what you think
    We want to keep getting better at what we do. We can only do this if you share your thoughts, make suggestions, ask questions or submit ideas.

What type of companies and connection are you looking for?
We know that Lisbon is an ideal location for business, offering great market access, cutting-edge infrastructure and skilled human resources. What we need is to make top decision makers aware of what Lisbon has to offer in the first place.

  • Suitable connections
    It is important that connections are decision-makers who are able to influence the direction of the company. This includes “C-Level” members of the senior management team (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.), vice-presidents and other senior management figures.
  • Suitable companies
    We are interested in companies of all sizes, from startups and SMEs to multinational companies, as long as they are considering expanding or relocating internationally.

A suitable company will be:

  • based outside of Portugal
  • Looking to expand or relocate internationally
  • trading internationally, i.e. doing business outside of Portugal

We want to work with:

  • Companies with sound business plans and finances, primarily providing products or services for markets outside of Portugal

These companies are often involved in:

  • Support services such as European headquarters, sales and marketing, customer support and financial administration
  • Research and development from product localisation for European markets to developing new products and technologies
  • High-end manufacturing or demand fulfilment

A connection is not suitable if:

  • It only operates in Portugal
  • It is already established in Portugal
  • It is not interested in expanding or relocating at this time

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