Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko

Adjunct Professor, University of Tampere

Tampere, Finland


Dr. Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Management, University of Tampere, Finland. Anttiroiko holds a PhD (Administrative Sciences) and MPhil (Philosophy) degrees, both from the University of Tampere. He has also received a licentiate degree in social sciences from the University of Jyväskylä. Anttiroiko has written extensively on various contextual aspects of local development, including such topics as public sector innovation , platforms for local economic restructuring, smart city development and international city branding. The most recent contribution is to apply flow thinking to local economic development in the book entitled 'New Urban Management: Attracting Value Flows to Branded Hubs' (Palgrave, 2015).


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