Lisbon.  One of the most competitive, innovative and creative cities of Europe

Lisbon is developing an ambitious strategy aiming to position the city as one of the most competitive, innovative and creative cities of Europe.

This strategy is based in four main “Engines of Growth” which we strongly believe will be decisive to improve the capability of Lisbon to attract, create and retain investment, companies and jobs.


The strategic position of Lisbon as an “ATLANTIC BUSINESS HUB” aims to attract investment, companies and talents. The role of “Invest Lisboa” (www.investlisboa.pt; the city agency that promotes and supports investment) and innovative projects such as “Lisbon Business Connections” (www.lisbonconnections.pt)- a platform that includes Portuguese and foreign managers that somehow have a professional or emotional link to Lisbon and acts as connectors of the city – are important triggers in this strategy.


Lisbon is positioning itself as a global STARTUP CITY. Many international entrepreneurs are choosing Lisbon to launch and test their ideas, products and services, and the city is becoming itself as one of the top ten “Startup Cities” in the World (Source: Entrepreneur magazine). Lisbon was elected by the Committee of the Regions as “European Entrepreneurship Region 2015”

The starting point for this strategy was the creation of Startup Lisboa (www.startuplisboa.pt) the city flagship business incubator that currently has three spaces in the city. From that moment, Lisbon started to create a dense and vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem (www.incubadoraslisboa.pt) which currently includes 14 incubators, adding more than 300 startups and 1000 jobs, 4 Fab Labs, more than 30 coworking spaces and strong community of business angels and venture capital investors.


Being the most important university city of Portugal (with more than 100 faculties, more than 130.000 higher education students, 40.000 graduates/year and more than 14.000 researchers), Lisbon is working hard to strengthen its R&D and innovations ecosystem at an international scale.

The project “STUDY IN LISBON” (www.studyinlisbon.pt) involves a partnership with all the Universities and Research centers and it’s based in a web platform with the central objective of attracting and retaining talent, making Lisbon a global hub in the fields of knowledge and innovation.


We strongly believe that STRATEGIC CLUSTERS are an efficient instrument for the concentration of resources and funding. We want that these strategic sectors for the city to consolidate and renew continuously, ensuring the dissemination and transfer of knowledge, innovation and value added.

The starting point for the approach to the strategic sectors in Lisbon is based on a common methodology that includes the basic economic figures of the cluster and the mapping of its major actors. The strategic partners actively participate in the development, validation and discussion of the programs and initiatives for each sector.

This bold economic and industrial strategy based in the development of Strategic Clusters and Ecosystems is currently focused in the following areas: Creative Economy; Health and Well Being; Maritime Economy; ICT/Web and Nearshoring; Tourism; Retail and Commerce. (http://www.cm-lisboa.pt/en/business/strategic-areas)


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